On My Mind: May 20 – May 21

It’s been awhile since my last ‘On My Mind’ post — it was February 18th to be exact. On that date, the Phillies weren’t losing games. They also weren’t winning games. Pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training on February 12th.

The Flyers beat the Islanders that night, which meant nothing since the Flyers didn’t qualify for the postseason. I actually had higher expectations for the Flyers this year. Bryzgalov showed me he didn’t leave all of his goalie skills behind in Phoenix. I was certain that the defense would be improved without Matt Carle in the orange-and-black. Alas, I was wrong on that one.

The Sixers were playing someone that day and likely lost. Then-coach Doug Collins probably lost his mind on the sidelines, presumably after a Sixer committed yet another turnover, couldn’t convert on a fast-break, secure a rebound, or all of the above.

Speaking of disappointments in basketball, I concluded the “Be True to Your School” item in the aforementioned ‘On My Mind’ post with: ‘Maybe this is the year [Rider] gets back to the NCAAs’. Yeah so that didn’t happen. The Rider University men’s basketball team ended up playing in a postseason consolation tournament and actually won its first-round game. Then came the East Carolina University Pirates in the second round and Rider waves bye-bye to tournament play in 2013.

Now you’re caught up. It’s May 20th and the Phillies are two games under .500. This upcoming series with the Marlins should be just what the doctor ordered. Speaking of doctors. Catcher Carlos Ruiz is going on the disabled list with a bum hamstring and first baseman Ryan Howard (knee stiffness) isn’t far behind. Even without these two, I think the Phillies can take two-out- of-three from the last place Marlins.

Truth be told, since neither Philadelphia team is in the NBA nor NHL playoffs, I don’t care who wins either championship. I lied. While I’m not actually rooting for a team in either playoffs, there are teams that I’ll root against. In the NHL Eastern Conference playoffs, I do not want to see the New York Rangers, Boston Bruins or Pittsburgh Penguins win. There’s only one other team in the Conference still playing. Do the math. In the Western Conference, I don’t want to see the Chicago Blackhawks win the championship.

In the NBA playoffs, I don’t want to see the Miami Heat win the championship. Outside of Miami, who actually wants to see the Heat win again? It has less to do with disliking LeBron James and more to do with pulling for the underdog.

Finally, those astute Section 426 readers will notice I have avoided posting on the Philadelphia Eagles. I’ll say this: I’m looking forward to the Chip Kelly era, but I’ll reserve judgment on the team until the regular season begins. The defense for the past two years has been terrible to say the least. And to speculate on how his offense is going to be ‘this, that or the other thing’ when we’re only in May would be for the media’s benefit and the fans’ entertainment. We don’t actually know how well Kelly’s offensive scheme from college will translate with new players in the NFL. I’m sorry if that sounds like a cop out.


5 thoughts on “On My Mind: May 20 – May 21

    1. section426 Post author

      Hey who brought the funny guy to Section 426? Thanks for reading.

      I hope it’s a Detroit / Ottawa Stanley Cup — the last time Detroit will be repping the Western Conference in the playoffs. It will be weird to see the Red Wings in the East next year.


      1. Chris Wood

        Actually, while I hate Detroit teams in every other sport, for some reason I don’t hate the Red Wings. Maybe that’ll change if they continue to embarrass us.


  1. andyayala

    Man no love for my Rangers LOL!
    OK I do agree with Chicago not winning. Everyone sleeping on Detroit. As much as I want my Rangers to make a comeback, I think Detroit’s going to blindside everyone and will win it all.


    1. section426 Post author

      Andy, if it makes you feel any better, I dislike the Bruins more than the Rangers. The Bruins (like many teams before them, e.g. the Sabres, Devils, Senators, Red Wings) are the Flyers’ most recent playoff disappointment.



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