Aging Gracefully in Section 426

10271606_10203834544412103_2083958341796465289_nI’m proud to say that in 40 some odd posts in a little more than a year, I haven’t made myself a focal point.

Until now.

If you haven’t figured it out yet (and someone like Ruben Amaro probably hasn’t), my blog name is derived from my birthday 4/26.

Now that that’s cleared up, here’s a topical post to celebrate the day: Since 2000, which Phillie has the most hits on April 26? Here’s the top 20 (with a minimum of 2 hits).

Howard 10
Utley 9
Lieberthal 8
Victorino 7
Rollins 6
Burrell 5
Abreu 4
Tomas Perez 4
Polanco 4
Feliz 4
Ducey 3
David Bell 3
Michael Young 3
Rolen 2
Travis Lee 2
Thome 2
Helms 2
Jenkins 2
Werth 2
Francisco 2

I know, I was kinda surprised to see Tomas Perez tied for seventh on this list too.

Go Phils!


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