We — we — Need New Ownership of the Phillies

“Ruben is not on the hot seat,” Montgomery explained during a back-and-forth with season ticket holders. “I think we have somebody whose experience working under two general managers served him well and positioned him to be very effective at his job. We — we — need to do better.”

This quote from Phillies owner David Montgomery tells me two things, neither of which is good: Montgomery is either completely full of crap or he’s a very sick man.

I know, I know. If you’re a fan of a team, you’re with them win or lose, in their ups and downs. Yeah, yeah I’ve heard that song before. Thing is, for the past 3 years, there’s been more losing and only a smattering of ups with this baseball team. On top of that, if Ruben Amaro really isn’t on the hot seat as his boss proclaims, the depths to which this team may fall are astounding. It’s hard to believe just 3 years ago the Phillies won 102 games.

Which got me thinking: what’s the furthest a team has fallen three years after winning at least 100 regular season games?

Click this spreadsheet for your answer.

I’m no fan of the Yankees but these stats show that they’ve had a better return on their investment. Yes, they spend a lot. The fact that their payroll has gone up from $181 million in 2002 to $210 million in 2009 supports that notion. The 800-pound gorilla in the room, of course, is why are the Yankees able to spend so much above the salary cap every year. I’ll save that argument for a different post. Unlike the Phillies, though, the Yankees have been able to identify (for the most part) who to throw big money at in free agency.

It takes a sick man like Montgomery to constantly support Amaro’s careless spending while watching the team tilapia (They’ve passed the point of floundering). Keep this charade up Monty and fans will be sick … of coming to the ballpark.

#ALittleLessYankees #ALittleBetterROI #NewGM #FireRuinTomorrowToday

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