Jay Cutler and Crew Cut My Survivor Season Short

And just like that, my Survivor season is kaput. To my credit, my decision to take San Francisco in this game had more to do with who wasn’t going to play for Chicago than who was already playing for the 49ers.

As of 12:30 p.m. EST on Sunday, ESPN Chicago reported:

Source: ’75 percent’ Bears WRs out

That’s WRs with an ‘S’, as in plural, as in there’s only a 25 percent chance that both WRs WILL play. So much for sources, eh?

As it turned out, the Bears’ top WRs Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery did play. While neither of them had eye-popping yardage totals, Marshall caught 3 touchdown passes from Kristin Cavallari’s husband, one of which would have made a young Jerry Rice ooh and ahh.

That wasn’t my only miscalculation though. Even if both Bears WRs ended up playing, I figured the 49ers’ offense would have run roughshod over a Bears’ defense that allowed a whopping 193 rushing yards to a Buffalo squad the week prior. After all, the 49ers finished 2013 with the third-most rushing yards (2,201) in the NFL, right behind the Bills (2,307). San Francisco finished the game with a pedestrian 129 yards rushing, with a touchdown from Frank Gore. Big whoop.

In my previous post, I alluded to the fact that the Bears’ defense has had problems defending the zone read. For those unfamiliar with the zone read formation, it’s a shotgun formation where, once the ball is snapped, the running back comes right next to the quarterback for a hand-off. At which point, the defense has to decide very quickly who has the ball and which player to tackle. Sometimes the QB takes it himself, other times the RB takes it. In 2012, this was QB Colin Kaepernick’s signature play. With a strong, accurate arm and his ability to run the zone read offense effectively, he made a case for himself as an up-and-coming elite QB. On these designed plays for Kaepernick in Week 2 of the 2014 season, he only rushed four times for 16 yards. He rushed another time for 10 yards but it was called back due to offensive holding.

As if the Bears’ WRs’ presence in the game and the 49ers’ surprising inability to run the football wasn’t enough to make me look like a complete tool, Bears’ QB Jay Cutler had no problem staying upright despite two new offensive linemen. He was only sacked once in the entire game.

Just like an NFL game, Survivor Pools require a degree of good fortune for the contestant to come out on top. Unlike the NFL, my season was two games long. Thanks Chicago!

Who are you picking for Week 3? Are you torn between who to take? I’d love to hear your feedback. Comment or share this post.


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