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Follow-Up on Super Bowl Predictions

I’m a man of my word. In the previous post, I predicted detailed scoring plays for the Super Bowl. As you will see, I was really close on some guesses and way off on others. I did, however, make one remarkable prediction (if I do say so myself). Continue reading


Predicting More Than Just the Score of Super Bowl XLVII

Any yutz can make a Super Bowl prediction and there’s plenty of ’em from ESPN, CBS Sports, and Yahoo! Sports (predictions, that is, not yutzes).

I can throw numbers around with the best of them, but I want to see more bloggers, pundits and experts go out on a limb by detailing who is gonna score, how they’re going to score, at what time and in what quarter. So I’m gonna give it a shot and see how close I come to the actual scoring plays. If it’s a scoreless game heading into overtime, all bets are off.

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