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Two Words for You Domonic Brown: Mea Culpa

“When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong.”

It’s the phrase uttered by the late Jerry Orbach in the classic ’80s flick, Dirty Dancing. It’s also a completely apropos statement relating to Phillies’ outfielder Domonic Brown. Thanks to a home run barrage by Brown in May, he’s made bloggers like me look plain silly. Continue reading

Ending Domonic Brown’s Tenure with the Phillies May Help Everyone

I chuckled to myself yesterday after reading a bit of Phillies news. Phillies’ news doesn’t usually have that effect on me. When Jimmy Rollins called Philly fans “front runners” I didn’t chuckle, and when the Phillies signed Jim Thome last year I definitely didn’t chuckle. That time I shook my head and cried.

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